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If you are planning to start a new chapter in your life in Belgium or abroad, you’ll need a certified translation of your civil documents. Over the last few years KD Translations has provided hundreds of private clients with certified translations of their official documents. These are the most requested translations:

• birth certificate
• marriage certificate
• Personal certificate of good standing
• Certificate of residence
• Certificate of family composition
• Diploma
• Adoption procedures

Our translation services are also available to companies, notaries, lawyers and legal consultants. They often require a certified translation of their company constitution documents, powers of attorney, judgements, and legal proceedings.


KD Translations does not only deliver certified and legal translations. We also translate your general texts on a broad range of topics. General translations are translations for which the translator doesn’t need extensive knowledge or experience of a specific specialist area. These include publicity, manuals, websites or any aspect of business communication. We also translate from English into Spanish and vice versa.

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KD Translations offers interpreting services, whether or not sworn, to both private as corporate clients. Private clients often call on our sworn interpreter for their civil wedding ceremony, or to take their practical driving test. We also offer linguistic assistance to companies when they receive foreign business partners, or if they want to set up trade partnerships abroad. An experienced interpreter with expert knowledge of your trade, guarantees the success of al your meetings and presentations. You’ll find our rates for this service most competitive.


At KD Translations, all projects begin with a clear and fair price quote. Over the last few years we have consistently proven to be cheaper than our direct competitors. We also guarantee a fast delivery of both sworn and general translations.

Allow us to send you an exact price quote for your translation. Mail us at and attach a picture or scan of the documents to your message. Comparing price quotes from different translators, you may well find our rates to be more competitive.

Once we have agreed on the rate and delivery time, we do everything within our power to deliver your translation on time. General translations, that do not require a seal, signature or legalisation, are sent by e-mail. Most certified translations have to be legalised by the Court, which takes an additional three working days, and are delivered by mail. Our certified translations are legalised by the Court of Kortrijk (Flanders), and are valid in the whole of Belgium.


KD Translations specialises in sworn translations and legalisations. This makes our agency
the place to be for the translation, certification and legalisation of all your official
documents such as diplomas, judgements, notarial deeds, marriage and birth certificates or
other civil registry certificates. A sworn translator places his stamp, signature and
certification on a translation, certifying that it is a complete and true translation. If
necessary, the translator will also have his signature legalised by the president or clerk
of the court where he or she swore the oath.


“Thank you for a quick job” - S. Malfait
“Thank again for your quick help” - B. Adriaenssen
“Thank you very much for your very professional services.” - G. Donoso
“Thanks for the quick service. If I can help you with a
positive reference, I’ll be happy to provide it.” - A. Dubois
“Thank you for your crystal clear information and your swift service.
I’ll definitely recommend you, and call on you again!” - P. Malfliet
“I have received all documents on time. Thank you for your
smooth and correct handling of the translation." - M. Vanlishout
“Thanks again for your very attractive rate. We appreciate this a lot.” - K. Peeters
“The translation of my diploma’s was just great, and arrived on time ;-)” - W. Meirlevede


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